Are Policemen Real Saviors in America or Pillars of Power?

Unnecessary use of force against civilians or any individual by police is known as police brutality . It’s an offence that can be physical or verbal like false arrest, abuse, or racial profiling. The use of throbbing tools as pepper spray, batons, teasers, hitting, choking, throwing a non-combatant civilian to the ground, and sexual abuse or harassment are all physical brutality. Just to suppress the voice of local people against injustice sometimes police misrepresent the scenario by taking bribes from affluent personalities.

It is not something that has just started these days, this cruelty keeps a history. In the eighteenth century when the industrial revolution happened the law enforcement physically harm the workers who went on strike. Now later, in the nineteenth century, the Movement of 1960, police used high-power water guns on the civilians, and sometimes the attack was there on the public with police dogs.

Now in these times, brutality by force is still present but the reasons varied. One of the major reasons is racial discrimination. Police unfairly target black Americans. Often black compatriots are stopped, searched, and arrested just for petty violations. Their mere presence attracts police suspicion. The black population always lives in fear as their every movement and behavior are monitored. The threat of getting killed for the slightest alleged provocation is on high.

The violence of cops has inclined over the period and victims being young American. Meaning early mortality for people of color is highly acknowledged and prominent. When the civil rights laws are the same for every citizen then why this cruelty is towards black people or Hispanics only?

It is widely said that every event has a reason and might be a history associated, therefore there can be diverse sources behind this ruthlessness of police.

  • Job stress

Cops are pivotal to maintain a proper justice system in local areas as well as specific places. Hence they are in a position where extreme pressure of decision is involved, as to make their mind in a state of trouble and confusion. This can lead to the wrong verdict, pressure then there might be the chance of an increased rash startle response towards a particular group of people or any person. The theory proves that antisocial personality disorder (APD) is more prevalent in police officers than in the general population.

  • Mental health

    Psychological issues can be impactful while on duty, history of PSTD in cops can be perilous as mental health can influence power to come to a wise conclusion. 
  • Abrasive and harsh training modules

Traits such as fearless dominance or cold-heartedness are very common in these people and the other reason is how at the time of training, they adapt the methods related to enforcement.
To escape such incidents, it is highly advised to check the mental health of police in a timely and consider them as human not masterpieces of authority. If you want to say anything or share your ideas to usor World then you should connect with us on our social media network i.e and share your ideas on activity pages.

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